How to Make Chipmunk Songs

The Chipmunks are a cartoon band who sing in a very high voice. The original method for creating this effect was to tape-record a song and then play it back at twice the speed. These instructions will show you how to make any song sound like it was sung by the Chipmunks.


Method 1 Audacity

1. Find the song you want to make sound like chipmunk.

2. Download Audacity, a free open source audio manipulation program.

3. Click File>Open and select the song you wish to change.

4. Highlight the entire song.

5. Click Effects and go to Change Pitch.

6. Change the percent to 115.500.(Usually 100.00 is the same key just an octave higher)

7. Alternatively, change the Semitones (half-steps) to 12.

8. Click OK.

9. If you want to put it on a CD or on your iPod, click File>Export as a WAV music file.

10. Listen to your new chipmunk song!

Method 2 iMovie

1. Navigate to iMovie. Find a suitable background and drag it into place. To make the background stay for the duration of the song, use the inspector tool.

2. Find a song and drag it in.

3. You’ll find a little gear on the song. Click on the arrow next to it, and select “clip adjustments.”

4. Change the song. You have the option of raising or lowering the pitch. “Pitch Up 4” should be selected. That is the highest pitch available. This will ensure that your song sounds like it was written by a chipmunk.

5. Click “share” and click “export video.” Now you can drag it to your desktop and email it to your friends!

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