How to Stretch an FL Studio Sample in 3 Easy Steps

Do you need to work on that sample in FL Studio for a longer period of time? This emindsca teaches you how to stretch a sample in FL Studio by first selecting an option, then dragging and dropping.


1. Open your project in FL Studio. You’ll find this program or app in your Start Menu or Applications folder; then you can open your project by going to File > Open or you can right-click the sample file in your file manager (like Finder for Mac or File Explorer for Windows) and select Open with > FL Studio.

2. Click to enable Stretch. It’s a tiny circle in the top left corner of your tracks and you want to make sure the circle is filled in, which means the feature is enabled.

  • You can also press Shift + M to enable and disable the feature.

3. Click to grab the end of the audio you want to stretch and drag it. The audio sample will snap to the grid unless you press the Opt (Mac) or Alt (Windows) keys, which will remove the ‘snap-to-grid’ setting.

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